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Exhibition stand construction from Nuremberg: Our international exhibition service at a glance

Exhibition construction in and from Nuremberg? For us, this means a variety of different services. We do not limit ourselves to planning, setting up the exhibition stand or on-site service, but rather, we offer a full-service exhibition stand construction throughout Germany and worldwide. Our international exhibition stand construction includes the following aspects, where we support you with full passion, creativity and innovation.

The level of brand awareness of a company depends on the specific goals set by the customer. With a high-quality stand concept, new leads can be made and existing contacts can be maintained. Having defined in advance the trade fair goals, the stand is adapted to the company’s needs in order to help the achievement of the set goals in the best possible way.

Planning: Already the first step to your exhibition stand

The first step in a construction concept is planning. The ideas of our customers are the guidelines for this. In private discussions we determine the needs and set the budget that enables us to design and construct the appropriate concept for any exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, Europe or worldwide.


After the initial planning, the next step is the conception. Our specialists develop a unique trade fair concept that will definetely increase your return on investment.

Production and individual designs

The production of the exhibition stand comes next. By paying great attention to highquality, environmental protection and sustainability we design unique concepts and produce each booth individually. No booth should be the same as each company has different needs and wants to promote its brand in a unique way. In addition, we place great emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability.

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Support is also part of our full-service project. Our company client service is in direct contact with those responsible for the trade fair so that assembly, implementation and dismantling can be carried out properly. Whether in Nuremberg, nationally or internationally, technical support is also available on-site for the smooth operation during the trade fair.

Agile collaboration

We give great importance to agile cooperation in our projects, since it guarantees flexibility and innovation. We rely on close cooperation with teams all over the world, so that quality, adherence to deadlines and reliability are assured when building a trade fair in Nuremberg.

Our goal when building a trade fair in Nuremberg: innovation and effectiveness

When it comes to exhibition stand construction in Nuremberg or throughout Germany and Europe, we pursue an important goal – to achieve the maximum return on investment for your company with innovation and effectiveness. We rely on digital technologies, unique design and sound customer approach. With a unique stand creation, your international trade fair presence becomes a real highlight for your company.

Our job is to plan, organize and implement it, effectively and efficiently.

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    The Nuremberg trade fair location covers over 170,000 square meters of exhibition space and 50,000 square meters of free space. In addition, the Nuremberg Convention Center in the Franconian city hosts almost 13,000 visitors. Over 150 national and international trade fairs take place in Nuremberg every year. Having already created numerous expo booths in Nurnberg, our customers acknowledge our love and passion for our projects in which we passionately stimulate visitors’ attention and interest in Bavaria’s second largest city.

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