Case Study Hempel

Case study: The ability to combine a double deck structure within 65 sqm and avoiding the extremely high costs which this would imply for the fire sprinklers.

Problem: Considering the limited surface of the booth and the elevated number of visitors in the stand during the show, the client had the necessity to develop extra space where to accommodate them by respecting the given budget.

The big challenge in the project was first of all the ability to house within such small surface a deck avoiding a feeling of heaviness and closure without giving less importance to the additional costs for sprinklers accessories.

Solution: Thanks to the use of hidden light effect in several strategic points as well as the use of illuminated graphics we were able to achieve a bright and welcoming effect. The use of video wall played a big role as engaging tool in order to attract visitors’ attention.

The deck was finally realized respecting the under-30sqm-rule which did not require the use of sprinklers. Although the very limited surface, the “casual meeting” concept thought for the upper deck was extremely successful and able to fit more people than if would have on ordinary meeting tables.


SMM Hamburg

Messestand Hempel